Vocal Rehab

Vanessa Purdy provides comprehensive vocal rehabilitation in conjunction with physicians specializing in ear, nose and throat practices throughout Arizona.  Vanessa also collaborates with Dave Stroud and Seth Riggs to provide extensive vocal rehab services for students and professionals alike.

Vanessa knows from personal experience the power of Speech Level Singing in vocal rehabilitation.  After a stroke paralyzed her vocal chord, Vanessa began her own personal rehab journey to wellness.  She understands the struggle artists face and tirelessly helps them repair their voice.

Vanessa helps numerous students recover from surgery from nodules, polyps, years of vocal abuse and other maladies.  She continues her education on physiology, anatomy and vocal apparatus.  When a recent artist suffered from a polyp, she turned to Vanessa for help in recovering.

Here is an example of a polyp that can appear on a vocal chord:
Example of Polyp on vocal chord

This is the same student after successful surgery, prior to beginning vocal rehab.
vocal chords after surgery